Education & Development Program

Program Objective: To build, develop and support individuals’ capacities so as to qualify them to integrate into the labor market and enhance their employment opportunities. Such an objective is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the fourth goal: Quality Education and the eighth one: Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Education for Employment Project (EFE)

Long- term  educational diplomas 

Training for Freelance Work Project (UPHAND)

Employing the beneficiaries who have already passed stages of the project.

The UPRIGHT project

Mass employment of youth through the grant of supporting the active companies in the field of freelance work.

Employability Skills Project To Link University Graduates To The Labor Market

Training beneficiaries in various fields, viz., requirements of work environment, digital skills, CV writing and how to pass employment interviews. 

SEED Initiative To Train And Incubate Freelancers

Technical training in the fields of freelance work and employing beneficiaries who have already passed phases of the project.

SEED Initiative for Knowledge and Expertise Sharing to Serve Communities and Individuals.

Conducting training courses, specialized workshops and virtual sessions by qualified experts, trainers and supervisors where individuals, interested in the fields of education, training, finance, businesses, pioneering initiatives and freelance work, can participate.  Beneficiaries are provided with the most up-to-date expertise, experience and free consultations.   

Qualify Them

Train Them

Teach Them

Teach Them