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“cerebral atrophy”

Sickness is a journey of pain and patience, and a cruel experience that the patient does not live alone, but is shared by his family and friends, and perhaps the most difficult of which are these that have accompanied the patient since the beginning of his life.It is a world full of many human and tragic stories that we enter through this file in order to tell some of them about those whose lives have turned into trips between doctors and hospitals, and sipping the bitterness of medicines.A family in the camps has four children with cerebral atrophy, one of them (F) is a seven-year-old girl, on the second day of Eid al-Adha, she suffered from continuous convulsions that did not stop despite giving her usual medicines.The father took her to several destinations, but most of the specialists are not available to communication during The EidA friend guided the child’s father to the joint virtual medical counseling center between SEED and Doctors Online.The father communicated with the field doctor and explained the child’s condition and the medications she takes continuously. In turn, the doctor, , communicated with the neurologist Dr. Nimr Dalloul, through the approved medical program and explained to him the patient’s condition and what medicines she uses. The consultant responded with the need to adjust the dose of some medicines and prescribed her an additional medicine.After adhering to the medication, the severe recurrent seizures stopped and the girl became in a better condition. The girl’s story is one of dozens of stories in displacement camps that lack the natural right to treatment or a correct diagnosis. You can contribute to promoting a sound medical diagnosis.